Mat Pilates

Mat Pilates

Our most popular classes are our mat Pilates classes. Taught across 4 levels, from beginners to intermediate we have a class to suit everyone’s ability. We teach mainly STOTT Pilates, with modifications of regressions & progressions, & using small equipment such as toning balls, flexi bands & foam rollers. We change our programs every term to keep our classes interesting & to optimize the results of your training.

Beginners Pilates

Our beginners class is for clients new to Pilates or clients with Pilates experience looking for a gentle class. It is also suitable as a rehabilitation for injury & clients training in other areas of fitness who experience reoccurring injury, that would like to learn more about correct alignment & control.  We start with the 5 Pilates basic principles of breathing, pelvic placement, rib cage placement, scapula placement & cervical spine placement.  We work through the STOTT Pilates warm up & essential exercises in the traditional order, adding to the repertoire each week & adding light equipment in the latter weeks.

Level 2 Pilates

This class is the follow on class from the beginners Pilates class. It is also suitable for new clients with a moderate level of fitness.  It is a good workout, from which you will gain strength & flexibility.  In each class we follow the recommended Pilates movements of flexion, extension & rotation.  We also use light equipment in this class.

Level 3 Pilates

Our level 3 class is for clients with Pilates experience or clients who have a good level of fitness & cross train.  We use light equipment in this class.

Level 4 Pilates

This is an intermediate / advanced workout which requires a good level of core strength & Pilates experience, as well as an ability to follow more complex choreography. In this class we use a variety of equipment such as dumbbells, toning balls, rollers & circles.