Pilates Studio Midleton offers a wide range of classes, both courses and no commitment drop in’s, from beginners to intermediate levels.
Live Online Classes

We are currently offering live online classes for Barre, Prenatal, Mat Level I/II and Mat Level II/III. Please see our timetable for a full list of the available classes. To book a class, please visit our online shop.

Mat Pilates Midleton
Mat Pilates

Our most popular classes are our mat Pilates classes. Taught across 4 levels, from beginners to intermediate we have a class to suit everyone’s ability. We teach mainly STOTT Pilates with modifications, regressions & progressions depending on our clients ability. We use small equipment such as toning balls, flexi bands & foam rollers to add resistance & to challenge coordination. We change our programs every term to keep our classes interesting & to optimize the results of your training.

Read more details for Mat Pilates Beginners - Level 4
Reformer Pilates

Reformer Pilates is an extremely popular method of Pilates, using a reformer machine. It works with spring resistance for a dynamic load, making it one of the most efficient ways to tone your body, increase flexibility, relieve back pain & build bone density. Our reformer classes are semi-private personal training sessions within a small group (maximum of 5 clients). Group sessions are scheduled weekly, however private training is scheduled around the client. The courses run in 5 week blocks & the program is redesigned every term for maximum benefit. The initial reformer package includes a postural assessment with our studio owner & a one to one introductory session.

barre pilates midleton
Barre Pilates

Our Ballet Barre class is a fun cardio workout designed using traditional ballet moves and utilising the Pilates basic principles.

Our 50/50 Barre & Pilates course combines 25 minutes cardio Barre with 25 minutes of Pilates mat based core work.

Prenatal Pilates

Prenatal Pilates is suitable for pregnant women from 12 weeks right up to your due date. Our exercise program starts with exercises on the birthing ball and moves to mat exercises. We also use small equipment such as flexi bands & mini balls. It’s a good toning class which will keep you fit, strong & pain free throughout your pregnancy.  The class is taught by our studio owner, Lindsay who is qualified in prenatal exercise with both NTC & STOTT Pilates.  An exercise sheet is given for clients to follow at home if required.  Note: Some health insurers allow for prenatal classes under their insurance policies, therefore some clients can claim course fees back from their insurer.

over 55 pilates
Over 55's Pilates

The over 55’s class is a class specifically for the older adult. The class program focuses on spinal flexibility, hip flexibility, good posture, strengthening the back & neck as well as working on balance & proprioception, which decreases the likelihood of falls.

The class is flexion free and therefore suitable for sufferers of osteoporosis & osteopenia.  Over 55's is a drop in class